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Japan: A Self-Portrait opening in Tokyo

I have been a bit quiet over the past few days as I have been busy working on two exhibition projects. Last week I went to Sweden to meet with a museum who will be holding the exhibition, Tokyo Stories, which I curated last year and was shown during Paris Photo 2008 at Artcurial. The […]

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Photographers speak

A new addition to the blogosphere from Dean Brierly, photography editor and writer, Photographers Speak is a collection of interviews that he has conducted with photographers over the years. His second post is an interview with Saul Leiter, whose show at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson was a huge success last year. Leiter has been receiving […]

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Denis Darzacq

I first came across Denis Darzacq’s work last year with his series La Chute. For this series Darzacq worked with dancers from troubled neighbourhoods in the Paris suburbs, capturing their bodies suspended in mid-air against the grim urban landscapes of their quartiers. The series reminds me of the seminal film on the Paris ‘banlieues’ (suburban […]

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Hiroyo Kaneko

Hiroyo Kaneko has just been awarded the 2009 Santa Fe Prize for Photography for her series Sentimental Education. The series is a study of her family bathing in Japan’s sento (public baths). I was taken with the simplicity and directness of these images, which feel contemplative without being overly lyrical. It is interesting to see […]

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Osamu James Nakagawa

The Japanese-American photographer Osamu James Nakagawa has just been awarded a Guggenheim fellowship to support his work on the Banta and Gama series. With Banta, Nakagawa explores the scars of the Pacific War opposing Japan to America on the cliffs of the island of Okinawa. I was intrigued by the format (which doesn’t translate well […]

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State of the photo-book market

“Almost like a Ponzi scheme of over-priced goods, if the circulation amongst the dealers were to stop, the bottom would drop out because at some point all would realize that the prices have been artificially inflated for those couple clients for whom money is no object.” A quote from an excellent and incisive post by […]

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Review: First Doubt

“Postmodern interjection, intervention, and manipulation practiced by the society at large have made the image evident more as an artifice than a true recital of the outside world. That makes me happy.” Allan Chasanoff This quote gives you an idea of the thread that runs through First Doubt, Optical Confusion in Modern Photography, an exhibition […]

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Forward Thinking Museum

I recently discovered the JGS Forward Thinking Museum, an online virtual museum that is run by the not-for-profit, Joy of Giving Something. It is a pretty quirky experience, complete with the voice of a guy selling hot dogs on the street corner, robots in wheelchairs, abseiling window-cleaners, laid off bankers trying to hitch a ride […]

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Review: William Eggleston Paris @ Fondation Cartier

Three years ago Hervé Chandès, the director of the Fondation Cartier, suggested to William Eggleston over dinner that he shoot a series of photographs of Paris. Eggleston thought, “why not, since I am here?” and now the first group of work from this ongoing commission is being shown at the Fondation Cartier until 21 June. […]

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Deep Sleep

The first issue of Deep Sleep, a new online photo-mag from the UK, has just been launched. It’s a web-only publication and will be “issued” 4 times a year, with each issue on a different theme, the first being ‘Invisible’. I like the fact that they are trying to take a strong editorial line and […]

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