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Peter Funch: Babel Tales

It seems like street photography has become deeply unpopular in some fine art photography circles. I don’t fully agree with all of the negative arguments being put forward, but a brief search on flickr reveals just how much more-or-less technically proficient street photography with nothing to say is being made these days. With Babel Tales, […]

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mus-mus @Paris project

It seems like Paris may be having a bit of a revival as a photographic subject with Eggleston’s Paris commission for the Fondation Cartier and now this: mus-mus, the mysterious people behind the @600 project, are back with the @Paris project. As for @600, this project will collect images of Paris by photographers from all […]

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Horses Think @ Michael Hoppen Gallery, London

It is always nice to see a fellow photography blogger making things happen. Ofer Wolberger of Horses Think is going to be exhibiting his works at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London from June 4th to July 25th.

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Is tilt-shift photography’s auto-tune?

There has been a big debate going on in the musical blogosphere about the auto-tune. Kanye West has his fair share of responsibility for this as his last album, 808s & Heartbreak, didn’t contain any rapping whatsoever and just involved him warbling into his vocoder. This man cannot sing to save his life (if you […]

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Taisuke Koyama

During my exceedingly short trip to Tokyo earlier this month, a friend of mine took me on a whirlwind up-and-coming-photography tour of Tokyo. First stop was at the G/P Gallery, in the new NADiff a/p/a/r/t art complex in Ebisu (which incidentally has an excellent art bookstore). They had a small solo-show (14 prints) of the […]

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NY Photo Festival 2009 Round-up

Following on from my last post, here is one of the great things about photo-blogs: no sooner is the NY Photo Festival over than the reviews are already springing up all over the blogosphere. The picture I am getting so far is a bit disappointing. Don’t worry, I won’t be adding to the debate seeing […]

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NY Photo Festival Blogging Panel

Photo-bloggers of the world, rejoice. Photo-blogs have reached that critical mass where ‘blogging panels’ like this one at the NY Photo Festival now take place about the role of blogging in photography. If you missed that defining moment in photo-blog history (chaired by the almighty JM Colberg of Conscientious fame), you can see practically the […]

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Is this really the future of photography?

The Creative Review blog has a post about LPA Futures, a competition designed to “find the next generation of commercial photographers.” The prize: five young photographers get to have their careers “nurtured” by the Lisa Pritchard Agency. There are lots of these awards around these days for young photographers and god knows that they need […]

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Review: Tania Mouraud @ Dominique Fiat

Just went to the Tania Mouraud opening at Dominque Fiat. Mouraud seems to have done some interesting installations in the past, but this show just seems ludicrous to me. A dozen (inevitably, predictably) large prints of ‘landscapes’ created by taking pictures of bales of hay wrapped in plastic. The invitation even has a picture of […]

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