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Photocritic International: A. D. Coleman has a blog

A.D. Coleman, the NY Times’ first photo critic now has a blog. Seems like no one can resist switching over to the ‘dark side’ that is the blogosphere anymore. (via J. M. Colberg)

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Hin Chua

I just came across the website of Hin Chua, a Malaysian-Australian photographer living in London. There is a bunch of interesting work there, although I found the After the Fall series to be his strongest (with a preference for Part I). It is pretty ambitious (“a meditation on that altered yet fundamental bond, examining the […]

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Review: Araki @ Daniel Templon

Daniel Templon is currently exhibiting a recent series of Araki’s bondage photographs, work which has been doing the rounds for some time now with shows in Tokyo, Berlin, Oslo and London. The Paris show includes 15 large-format (150 x 120cm) colour digital prints of images taken in the past couple of years. For anyone who […]

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“Virtual Collection #1″

This is a smart idea from Olef Wolberger (Horses Think): start a virtual collection of photographs. Provided you don’t go overboard and start ‘acquiring’ dozens of images each week, this seems like an interesting way of getting into the collecting mind-set. I think it could also help to think about why you want a particular […]

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Photo-journalism: leaving Nachtwey behind

The excellent dispatches magazine recently organized a debate at Brooklyn’s VII Gallery with Gary Knight, one of the magazine’s co-founders, and Tim Hetherington, a young photo-journalist (and ‘thinker’) who has made some interesting attempts to break out of the dark corner in which photo-journalism finds itself. The debate is available in its entirety on the […]

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Gursky goes small

Having just seen a Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition of large format prints it feels like the world has been turned on its head this week. Andreas Gursky currently has a retrospective on at the Vancouver Art Gallery in which he is showing 70 prints in “a small format that has not been used by the artist […]

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Review: Henri Cartier-Bresson @ MAM

HCB would have been 100 in 2008. For some reason his centenary is still being celebrated with two exhibitions which recently opened in Paris at the Maison Européene de la Photographie and today at the Musée d’Art Moderne (MAM). I was reminded of the Robert Frank exhibitions that were recently held in honour of the […]

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State of play: art criticism

Recently it seems like you cannot turn your head in the art blogosphere without reading about one of two things: the imperilled state of arts journalism or the existentialist quandaries of art bloggers. This question is even being discussed in the real world: last night I attended a conversation at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson on […]

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New theme for eyecurious

I haven’t posted in far too long, only partially due to laziness. I was switching over to a new theme as the one which I started out using on this blog was not working for me. Hopefully the new theme will work better and will allow improvements in the future. Post frequency will be returning […]

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