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André Kertész @ Photographers’ Gallery, London

I made a quick trip over to London last week and managed to squeeze in a visit to the Photographers’ Gallery new location on Ramillies Street. Summer shows can often be a disappointment: place-holders while everyone is away on holiday. So this André Kertész show came as a very pleasant surprise.

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Youngsuk Suh

Thanks to Mrs Deane for switching me on to Youngsuk Suh‘s work. I am particularly enjoying the Wildfires series and, in the light of Errol Morris’s recent post on photographs and the text that accompanies them, the way that the captions make you read these images.

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A Pictet puzzle

Apologies readers, but this is going to be another Arles-related post, although with more of a global flavour. One of the night-time projections at the Théâtre Antique this year was the announcement of the 2009 Prix Pictet shortlist. If you haven’t come across it before (the prize is only in its second year), it is […]

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Review: Naoya Hatakeyama @ Rencontres d’Arles

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my highlights of this year’s Rencontres d’Arles is Naoya Hatakeyama’s exhibition at Arles’ cloître Saint-Trophime. The exhibition includes two series: Scales, a recent commission for the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and Maquettes / Light, a series of images taken ten years ago but which Hatakeyama has […]

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Arles 2009: 40 years and Nan Goldin

I have finally managed to sit down and collect my thoughts about this year’s Rencontres d’Arles festival. For Arles’ 40th anniversary, I decided to try and cover the festival in some detail. In this post I will be giving my overall impressions and in the next few days I will follow up with reviews of […]

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Rencontres d’Arles

I am off to the opening week of the Rencontres d’Arles tomorrow. I will be attempting to cover the festival on the blog, but I probably will be going silent until next week. So have a great week and à bientôt!

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Robert McNamara (1916-2009)

Robert McNamara, one of the most powerful men of the twentieth century, has died aged 93. He is best known for having served as US Defence Secretary during the Vietnam War, but he has been at the top of the pyramid of power for close to 40 years in: the private sector (President of Ford […]

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Review: Michael Wolf @ Galerie Particulière

Michael Wolf’s recent semi-relocation to Paris has led to an exhibition, Metropolis, at the Marais’ new Galerie Particulière. The show combines work from his Hong Kong series, Architecture of Density, and Transparent City, shot later in Chicago. Wolf’s study of Hong Kong’s trademark high-rise architecture is aptly-named. He refers to these as ‘no-exit’ photographs: by […]

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Abu Ghraib and Lynndie England

Lynndie England is (thankfully) no longer a hot topic, but I was reminded of her story by this week’s episode of the consistently excellent This American Life. For those of you that haven’t switched on a TV or read a blog (or one of those newspaper thingies) in the past year, England was one of […]

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