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Nagasaki, 9 August 1945

I posted last week about the bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. A second A-bomb was dropped on Nagasaki three days later, on 9 August 1945. This second atomic bombing seems almost more incomprehensible than the first: the idea that horror on this scale could be repeated just three days later. Shomei Tomatsu photographed […]

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Zhang Xiao

Zhang Xiao was born in 1981 in China’s Shandong province. There is some great work on his website, in particular his series on the demolition linked to the infamous Three Gorges Dam.

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Hiroshima, 6 August 1945

Today is the 64th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The magnitude of this event for the Japanese wartime generation is almost unfathomable. For several decades the atomic bombings cast a huge shadow through the work of many Japanese artists. It feels slightly ludicrous to suggest that something good could come from an event […]

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The Black Snapper

The Black Snapper is a new online photo-magazine which has just been launched by designer Frank Kloos and documentary photographer Diederik Meijer. The mag invites guests to curate one-week’s worth of content for the site, showcasing photographers’ work from all over the world. I will be acting as a guest curator in a few months, […]

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