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Review: Photoquai 2009

The Quai Branly Museum has just launched the second edition of Photoquai, its photography biennale of “world images”. The mission of the biennale, to “highlight and make known, artists whose work is previously unexhibited or little known in Europe, and to foster exchanges and the exchanging of views on the world,” sounded pretty good to […]

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Review: From Back Home (book and exhibition)

“The land between Klarälven River and the chestnut tree at Ekallén is full of little hard memories of sad and lonely times, but there is also a streak of warm confidence that runs all the way up to Älgsjövallen, a place of fairy tales and inquisitive moose.” Anders Petersen From Back Home is a collaboration […]

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Willy Ronis 1910-2009

Willy Ronis, one of the most celebrated photographers of Paris has died aged 99. A contemporary of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau he took many photographs of Paris in its heyday that have become iconic images of the city. I was lucky to catch him speaking at his last show at this year’s Rencontres d’Arles […]

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The ten commandments of culture

I just found out that France has a Council for Artistic Creation and that Marin Karmitz (a producer, distributor and founder of MK2 cinemas) runs it. Apparently Karmitz’s position is complementary to the minister of culture: he is not involved with the macro stuff but is supposed to “innovate, experiment and push the boundaries”, particularly […]

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Hiroshi Sugimoto: Lightning fields

Hiroshi Sugimoto is showing prints from his latest series in progress, Lightning Fields, at the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. Each image is created by applying an electrical charge from a 400,000-volt Van De Graaff generator directly onto the negative. I find them truly stunning.

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Witnesses to hunger

The French newspaper, Le Monde, recently ran an article on a photographic project that is taking place in Philadelphia, called Witnesses to Hunger. In 2008, a public health researcher from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Mariana Chilton, gave 40 single mothers a camera and asked them to document their lives and their struggle to get by. […]

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A picture of a woman

I don’t normally write about fashion photography on this blog, or go out of my way to see fashion images. E doesn’t really buy magazines so it’s not lying about the house either. But like any other person living in a big city, fashion photography is absolutely everywhere, something that we practically breathe in every […]

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Miao Jiaxin

Miao Jiaxin is from Shanghai but is currently living in the United States, completing an MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago. There is a great mix of work on his site, with some radically different approaches. The above image is taken from the 2006 series Times Square, “a juxtaposition of Shanghai and NYC created […]

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The mus-mus @Paris project

The mysterious mus-mus collective have just launched their @Paris project online. The project was based on the idea of finding out how photographers today see Paris and think about the Paris they see.” There are some big names in here (Stephen Shore, Alec Soth) but also a lot of discoveries. I did find a lot […]

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On lists

I have recently come across a couple of ‘best ever’, ‘must-have’, ‘unmissable’ lists that have given me food for thought… quickly resulting in indigestion. The first of these is a list of the top 10 photo-journalists of all time and the second, a list of the 26 (nice random number) books every photographer should own. […]

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