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Naoshima: Paradise on Earth?

For this post, I am allowing myself to stray from our beloved photographic shores, but I assure you that it will be worth it. Last Friday I attended a conference at the Palais de Tokyo given for the opening of the exhibition on the Benesse Art Site Naoshima project. This was a pretty star-studded affair: […]

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Akira Rachi and Hirofumi Katayama

It seems to be Taro Nasu Gallery week on eyecurious this week. Following on from the seemingly excellent Ryuji Miyamoto show, they are now going to be showing work by Akira Rachi and Hirofumi Katayama. This show could be called ‘In Between’ as both of these two young photographers focus on interstitial spaces. Katayama seeks […]

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Michael Wolf: Paris Street View

“Finally the journey leads to the city of Tamara. You penetrate it along streets thick with signboards jutting from the walls. The eye does not see things but images of things that mean other things: pincers point out the tooth-drawer’s house; a tankard, the tavern. (…) If a building has no signboard or figure, its […]

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Ryuji Miyamoto: the grass, the bugs

Ryuji Miyamoto has just had an exhibition of new work at Taro Nasu Gallery in Tokyo’s equivalent of the meat-packing district, Higashi-kanda. These new photograms are quite a departure from his earlier work on the destruction of architecture. Miyamoto had already begun experimenting with photographic techniques for his previous series Pinhole, for which he built […]

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Agan Harahap

On a lighter note… Agan Harahap‘s ongoing Super Hero project involves dropping super heros (Darth Vader also pops up quite a lot) into photographs of important historical moments of the twentieth century.

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Mao Ishikawa

At the Arles photo festival over the summer, I was introduced to Mao Ishikawa’s work by Mark Pearson. Mao Ishikawa grew up on the islands of Okinawa, which meant a childhood where the US military was a major and unavoidable presence. Speaking about her relationship with the American military, she has said, “I have two hearts […]

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Bishin Jumonji

Bishin Jumonji has updated his website with work from his series Faces and some of his terrific headless portraits from the early 1970s which featured in MoMA’s seminal New Japanese Photography show. When I met Jumonji in Kamakura earlier this year he showed me some examples of his latest work, but in black-and-white. These cubist […]

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Review: Voyages @ MCJP

I was contacted a few months ago by the Japan Foundation in Paris to write a short text for their newsletter based on an upcoming exhibition of contemporary Japanese photography. The exhibition, put together by the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, has just opened and although I’m not entirely convinced about the theme, voyages, there […]

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The Places We Live

A friend of mine at the UN sent me a link to The Places We Live, a photo project by the Norwegian photographer, Jonas Bendiksen, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. Bendiksen’s series documents life in a series of four slums around the world: Caracas, Venezuela; Nairobi, Kenya; Mumbai, India; and Jakarta, Indonesia. In […]

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Jean-Louis Tornato

Mrs Deane’s post on Eduardo Serafim reminded me that I have been meaning to post on Jean-Louis Tornato’s series, Les photographies du sommeil. The series is made up of self-portraits of Tornato sleeping with his partner throughout the course of the night. The images were made using an automatic timer, infra-red film and a flash […]

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