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‘Guerilla’ COP15 exhibition

On my way to the Barbara Crane conference at Les Douches, I walked past a favourite local wall for street art. Alongside an interesting portrait of Sarkozy and Carla, there was a series of photographs of protests during the recent Copenhagen summit on climate change. I love this kind of random encounter and the chance […]

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Stuart Woodman, Now We Are 30

Stuart Woodman recently sent me Now We Are 30, a book of his polaroid photographs which is the first to be published by his imprint, Doubleplusgood Books. The book is based on a series of pictures that Stuart took every day for a year, his 30th as you may have guessed. You can get copies […]

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Virgilio Ferreira

Virgilio Ferreira is a Portugese photographer who is fond of experimenting with focus, or the lack thereof. His previous series, Daily Pilgrims, was a series of ‘portraits’ in which the subject is blurred and the background in focus (the series is currently on show at the Museu da Imagem in Braga, Portugal). In his latest […]

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Yasutaka Kojima

I met Yasutaka Kojima at Photoquai in Paris last year. I don’t know that much about him apart from the fact that he studied with Masato Seto, a former assistant of Daido Moriyama’s and a terrific photographer in his own right. Kojima is based in New York, where I think he is still completing his […]

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Word of the Year 2009

Firstly, let me apologise for another post that looks back at 2009 given the avalanche that there has been over the past month. I took advantage of a few days of exile to the French countryside over the holidays to think about some of the trends that have emerged over the course of 2009. One […]

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Pierre Faure, Burning Fields

I met Pierre Faure wandering around the labyrinth of Paris Photo last November and have since been meaning to post about a series of work in progress that he showed me at the time. The series, entitled Burning Fields, is a study of the limits of light in urban areas. Faure drives to the edge […]

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Unless You Will

Heidi Romano recently got in touch with me as a result of the Future of Photo-books discussion over on the Resolve blog, to tell me about her online photo-mag, Unless You Will, which “strives to showcase photographers who add layers of meaning and capture these feelings (…) of emotion or nostalgia”. The magazine is well-designed […]

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Tokyo highlights

eyecurious has made a slow start to blogging in 2010. However, this was due to a great, albeit far too short trip to Tokyo. I was in Japan preparing two exhibitions that will open in Stockholm, Sweden and in Cologne, Germany in March of this year (more on these in the coming weeks) and laying […]

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Future of photobook creation

I’m still in Japan stocking up on material for a few weeks worth of blogposts so things will remain slow at eyecurious for a few more days. In the meantime, check out the three-part Future of Photobooks Discussion that is being hosted on the Livebooks Resolve blog. I am moderating one of the 3 strands […]

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Welcoming in 2010

I’ve decided to start 2010 in the best way possible: with a quick photo-based trip to Tokyo (4-11 January). This might mean that eyecurious gets the year off to a bit of a slow start but I’m guaranteed to come back with tons of things to blog about. For those of you who haven’t made […]

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