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The art of the caption

Choosing words to go with photographs is a big issue for us photobloggers. Some of us avoid them, others use them with caution, and some, like me, can’t seem to hold them back. Choosing the right balance between words and images is a very tricky thing and this tightrope walk often makes me think about […]

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Guest ‘curator’ on Bite! magazine

A few months ago, Diederik Meijer asked me to guest ‘curate’ (staying true to my post on curating, I have to use those quote marks since this is more editing than curating… but I digress) a week of Japanese photography over on Bite! magazine. It has taken far longer than I thought it would to […]

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eyecurious books etc.

I’ve decided to launch an eyecurious offshoot over on tumblr: eyecurious books etc. I have started this little side-project because of the photo-books that are overtaking my small Paris apartment. For a number of reasons, including compulsive buying, getting sent review copies and amazingly generous photographers, I get my hands on a fair number of […]

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Mission Impossible

Please forgive the painfully unoriginal title of this post, but it does seem really appropriate. In a couple of days the aptly-named Impossible Project will begin to sell the first of their instant film packs for Polaroid cameras on their online store. Although there has been a fair amount of buzz out there on this […]

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Paris in Amsterdam

I have just written a piece on Michael Wolf’s Paris Street View for edition 22, Peeping, of the excellent Foam Magazine run by the Amsterdam museum of the same name. The museum got as excited as I did about this new series and decided to go the extra mile by putting up an outdoor installation […]

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Review: Stefan Heyne, The Noise

Stefan Heyne‘s The Noise is aptly named. His images give the impression of being situated between two states, like the static between radio stations. Their subjects, a window, the keel of a boat, a doorway, a phone, are still recognizable but are reduced to the most basic forms emerging from the surrounding darkness. Heyne uses […]

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March Madness: 1 month, 2 exhibitions

Blogging has been slow this month since I am curating two exhibitions opening in March. The first of these, Tokyo Stories, with work by Hiroshi Hamaya, Tadahiko Hayashi and Shigeichi Nagano, opens at Stockholm’s Kulturhuset on 6 March. I’ll be giving a talk from 1-3pm that day on Japanese photography and photographing Tokyo, so for […]

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