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Book of the Week #4: Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression

Michael Wolf has just released two new books, Asoue and Tokyo Compression, and I have to admit to having a personal favourite. Tokyo Compression brings together a series of images taken in the Tokyo metro during rush hour. Through a series of portraits of trapped commuters, compressed into jam-packed metal carriages, the book brings to […]

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The connoisseur, the prankster, the outsider, the lovable rascals and co.

Wired’s Raw File has just posted a list of their favorite photobloggers and eyecurious was lucky enough to make the cut. Pete Brook of Prison Photography, was behind this; he more than deserves his position on this list but was noble enough not to ‘favorite’ himself. This is a great selection which definitely doesn’t just […]

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Book of the Week #3: Ikko Narahara, The Sky in My Hands

Ikko Narahara is a contemporary of Shomei Tomatsu, Eikoh Hosoe and Kikuji Kawada (with he who formed the short-lived but influential VIVO agency in Tokyo in 1960). He is probably the least well-known of the four in the West, although his book Europe: Where Time Has Stopped has become highly collectible. This is an exhibition […]

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November Photo Madness in Paris

November has always been THE big photographic month in Paris, but this year is looking like it will be a record breaker. Here’s a list of some of the big events happening in Paris this month. I don’t know how I’m going to make my way to all of these, let alone blog about all […]

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Review: Hijacked Vol. 2, Australia/Germany

When I first saw Hijacked Vol. 2, I did a double-take. With an Australian mother and German father, you don’t come across many photobooks that appear to be you in book form. I had missed Hijacked Vol. 1, Australia/America when it came out two years ago so I was excited to discover the Hijacked ‘format’. […]

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