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Notes on 2010

As the year draws to an end and more top-10 lists (and non-lists) than you can wave a stick at make their annual appearance, I thought I would take a broader look back at the past year in photography. This time last year I focused on the chronic over-use of the word curating, a trend […]

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Review: Mariken Wessels, Queen Ann. P.S. Belly Cut Off

From the moment you hear its title, it becomes clear that Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off is not going to be an ‘easy’ photobook. By ‘easy’ I mean a book that gives itself to you on first viewing, immediately hitting all the right buttons. To use one of my favoured musical analogies, in the […]

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Interview: Chris Engman, Freedom, possibility and a desire for purity

Chris Engman‘s series Landscapes is based on the vast open spaces of Washington State outside of Seattle, where Engman lives. The title of the series, just like the images themselves, suggests one thing, while revealing many others. He has a show on at the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle until Christmas Eve 2010. This interview […]

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Book of the Week #5: Mexico, D.F.

I have been hearing a fair amount of whispering of late about Martin Parr’s forthcoming project on Latin American photobooks, which will, “with one book, completely re-evaluate how people think about Latin America“. Whether it can live up to these lofty ambitions remains to be seen, but with Parr in the driving seat, there is […]

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Interview: Joan Fontcuberta, Landscapes without memory

I first came across Joan Fontcuberta‘s Orogenesis series when I picked up a copy of the Landscapes without memory book in Arles last year. The series is deceptive; these aren’t photographs but computer-generated images created by software renderers that are designed to produce 3D images based on cartographical data. Fontcuberta decided to explore the possibilities of […]

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Paris November photo madness round-up

As the eyecurious faithful (and anyone who has been in Paris recently) will have noted, this has been a particularly action-packed month for photography in Paris. As I noted in a previous post, there was a bunch of different events going on at once and, as November draws to a close, I thought I would […]

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