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Christophe Maout’s city of light

Paris earned the nickname of ‘ville lumière‘ (City of Light) from having been an ideological home to the age of enlightenment and for it’s famous street lights. Like these lights, the 19th century Haussmanian architecture of the city has come to typify the French capital in most outsiders’ imagining of the city. So Christophe Maout‘s vision […]

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Aaron Schuman’s Sunday brunch, mushrooms included

After having met Aaron Schuman at Fotofest Paris last November I just stumbled across his latest project Jason is a Funghi (pronounced ‘fun guy’) in which he as turned one Sunday morning of conversation with Jason Fulford into a delightful series of stream of consciousness musings on eggs, signs, comic books, childhood, blood oranges (which […]

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A Hipstamatic plea

Although it appears that not a week goes by without a story of another film stock or photo paper being discontinued, analog photography is undergoing something of a revival at the moment… online… and more specifically on screen, courtesy of the Hipstamatic application. As far as I understand it the point of Hipstamatic is to try […]

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Review: Adriaan van der Ploeg, Mont Purgatoire

After Mariken Wessels‘ two mysterious tomes (one of which was reviewed here) which seemed to make most ‘best of 2010′ photobook lists, our Dutch friends have done it again and produced a book which really should not exist. I couldn’t help but try to imagine this book idea being pitched to any halfway-sane book publisher, […]

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