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TONK win Foam Paul Huf Award

I don’t normally post about awards, competitions, book launches, etc. (despite the best efforts of all the PR people who have got their hands on my email address) but I wanted to congratulate Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs for their recent win of this year’s Foam Paul Huf Award. I was asked to nominate for […]

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Notes on 2010

As the year draws to an end and more top-10 lists (and non-lists) than you can wave a stick at make their annual appearance, I thought I would take a broader look back at the past year in photography. This time last year I focused on the chronic over-use of the word curating, a trend […]

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Marion Poussier

Marion Poussier has just been awarded the Joy of Giving Something‘s first artist award (they throw in $15,000 with the award which is nice). I’ve written about JGS before and I’m glad to be reminded of their great virtual exhibition space. Poussier is a young French photographer, who already has a few interesting series under […]

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A Pictet puzzle

Apologies readers, but this is going to be another Arles-related post, although with more of a global flavour. One of the night-time projections at the Théâtre Antique this year was the announcement of the 2009 Prix Pictet shortlist. If you haven’t come across it before (the prize is only in its second year), it is […]

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Is this really the future of photography?

The Creative Review blog has a post about LPA Futures, a competition designed to “find the next generation of commercial photographers.” The prize: five young photographers get to have their careers “nurtured” by the Lisa Pritchard Agency. There are lots of these awards around these days for young photographers and god knows that they need […]

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Hiroyo Kaneko

Hiroyo Kaneko has just been awarded the 2009 Santa Fe Prize for Photography for her series Sentimental Education. The series is a study of her family bathing in Japan’s sento (public baths). I was taken with the simplicity and directness of these images, which feel contemplative without being overly lyrical. It is interesting to see […]

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Osamu James Nakagawa

The Japanese-American photographer Osamu James Nakagawa has just been awarded a Guggenheim fellowship to support his work on the Banta and Gama series. With Banta, Nakagawa explores the scars of the Pacific War opposing Japan to America on the cliffs of the island of Okinawa. I was intrigued by the format (which doesn’t translate well […]

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