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Book of the Week #5: Mexico, D.F.

I have been hearing a fair amount of whispering of late about Martin Parr’s forthcoming project on Latin American photobooks, which will, “with one book, completely re-evaluate how people think about Latin America“. Whether it can live up to these lofty ambitions remains to be seen, but with Parr in the driving seat, there is […]

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Book of the Week #4: Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression

Michael Wolf has just released two new books, Asoue and Tokyo Compression, and I have to admit to having a personal favourite. Tokyo Compression brings together a series of images taken in the Tokyo metro during rush hour. Through a series of portraits of trapped commuters, compressed into jam-packed metal carriages, the book brings to […]

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Book of the Week #3: Ikko Narahara, The Sky in My Hands

Ikko Narahara is a contemporary of Shomei Tomatsu, Eikoh Hosoe and Kikuji Kawada (with he who formed the short-lived but influential VIVO agency in Tokyo in 1960). He is probably the least well-known of the four in the West, although his book Europe: Where Time Has Stopped has become highly collectible. This is an exhibition […]

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Book of the Week #2: Erik Van der Weijde / Der Baum

I wrote about Erik van der Weijde‘s eclectic publishing activities before over on eyecurious books etc. The title of his latest book,  Der Baum (The Tree), is taken from Der Baum im Bildde der Landschaft, a 1931 photobook published as part of a series which aimed to “provide cheap educational tools for the uneducated masses.” […]

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Book of the Week #1: Harvey Benge / Birds

The first in the Book of the Week series is Harvey Benge‘s Birds. I got this 10-page book (ed. of 50) in the mail when I got back to Paris earlier this month, just as autumn seemed to be setting in, and it completely made my day. This one doesn’t need to be described in […]

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New on eyecurious: Book of the week

As you can see from the above image, there is a steadily growing pile of books sitting in the corner of my living room. Short of actually getting around to getting some more shelving or moving flats, I have decided to at least throw a little spotlight on one book each week. These won’t be […]

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