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Another best books of 2011 list…

I have given up, caved in, admitted defeat. Although the world does not need it, the temptation was just too great, so I have gone ahead and compiled a selection of my favourite books of the year. Instead of giving you a top 10 I decided to humbly borrow the format of the Oscars and […]

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Cornell Capa’s Peruvian suitcase

I spend quite a bit of time with photobooks, whether it be for this blog, it’s slightly less wordy Tumblr cousin, or just for my personal pleasure, but it is not often that I get to spend a day with a book like this one. In fact, it is not a book but a maquette […]

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Interview: Yannick Bouillis, Founder of Offprint Paris

Yannick Bouillis, a former journalist and bookseller from France, is the founder of Offprint Paris, “a project space for contemporary photography and a book fair for independent publishers.” He also recently organised the Amsterdam Art/Book Fair 2011 in collaboration with De Brakke Grond Amsterdam. I interviewed him over the summer to find out more about […]

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Paris November photo madness round-up

As the eyecurious faithful (and anyone who has been in Paris recently) will have noted, this has been a particularly action-packed month for photography in Paris. As I noted in a previous post, there was a bunch of different events going on at once and, as November draws to a close, I thought I would […]

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Review: Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s

Ivan Vartanian and Ryuichi Kaneko’s Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s belongs to a new breed of photobook: the book on books. Martin Parr and Gerry Badger’s two-volume history of the photobook is probably the best known of these, but there are other interesting examples. Jeff Ladd‘s Errata Editions is taking this one step […]

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Some things I bought this year

I’ve seen quite a few end of year lists popping up over the last week. There are the best books of 2009 lists, the more eclectic lists of “stuff I liked this year“, the lists of books acquired in 2009 and many more. I think you need to be a breakfast-lunch-and-dinner kind of consumer of […]

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Paris Photo: crossing the finish line

Paris Photo 2009 has just drawn to a close and already the reports are flowing in thick and fast. There is much less of a consensus than for NYPH, which was generally perceived to have been a bit disappointing (see my previous round-up post on this). I am just happy to have survived it all […]

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Stormy weather over the US museum landscape

There is a very interesting debate going on at the moment in the US blogosphere and press over the New Museum‘s series of upcoming shows entitled the “Imaginary Museum.” The stir is caused by the fact that this series of exhibitions will be based around private collections, the first of which belongs to Dakis Joannou and will be […]

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“Virtual Collection #1″

This is a smart idea from Olef Wolberger (Horses Think): start a virtual collection of photographs. Provided you don’t go overboard and start ‘acquiring’ dozens of images each week, this seems like an interesting way of getting into the collecting mind-set. I think it could also help to think about why you want a particular […]

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