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2014 Greetings and News

    For those of you that are still stopping by eyecurious, you will have noticed that there hasn’t been any activity on the blog since early 2013. I haven’t offered much explanation for this so far (after all isn’t this the inevitable destiny for a blog, slipping gradually into an social-network-induced coma?), so now […]

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Fototazo guest post

I have just done a short guest post over on the fototazo blog. fototazo has asked a group of 50 curators, gallery owners, blog writers, photographers, academics and others actively engaged in photography to pick two photographers that deserve (more) recognition – the underknown, the under-respected as well as not-appreciated-enough favorites. For my guest post, […]

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Eikoh Hosoe: Theatre of Memory @ AGNSW

I’ve just come back from a ridiculously short trip to Australia for the opening of Eikoh Hosoe: Theatre of Memory at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This is Hosoe’s first solo show in Australia and his first trip there. In addition to having the master himself present, he came accompanied by Yoshito Ohno, […]

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The connoisseur, the prankster, the outsider, the lovable rascals and co.

Wired’s Raw File has just posted a list of their favorite photobloggers and eyecurious was lucky enough to make the cut. Pete Brook of Prison Photography, was behind this; he more than deserves his position on this list but was noble enough not to ‘favorite’ himself. This is a great selection which definitely doesn’t just […]

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November Photo Madness in Paris

November has always been THE big photographic month in Paris, but this year is looking like it will be a record breaker. Here’s a list of some of the big events happening in Paris this month. I don’t know how I’m going to make my way to all of these, let alone blog about all […]

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New on eyecurious: Book of the week

As you can see from the above image, there is a steadily growing pile of books sitting in the corner of my living room. Short of actually getting around to getting some more shelving or moving flats, I have decided to at least throw a little spotlight on one book each week. These won’t be […]

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Apologies and explanations

Once again, dear readers, I have to apologise for my blogging silence. But this time I have a pretty foolproof excuse (see image above). In fairness I can’t blame my recent wedding entirely for the lack of posting as there is another happy event that has kept me busy for the other half of the […]

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Takashi Homma: Adrift in the city of superflat

Self-promo alert: I’ve just written an essay on Takashi Homma’s series, Tokyo and my Daughter, for edition 23 of FOAM Magazine on City Life. Of course this brilliant piece of writing is reason enough to buy yourself a copy, but there happens to be some other really good stuff in there too, so now you […]

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A bad father… and a Japanese giveaway

I have just realised that eyecurious turned 1… about 3 weeks ago. I have never been good at remembering birthdays (thank you Facebook for stepping in to fill that breach), but to forget your own offspring’s birthday is a little unforgiveable. I thought I would use this momentous occasion to ask you readers if there […]

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Photobook swap

I have decided to attempt a photobook swap over on eyecurious books etc. I have a few books (mainly Japanese photobooks) in duplicate and I feel that it’s only fair to find them a new home. I’ve already posted a few of the books that I have available for exchange and there will be more […]

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