Other writing

A list of some of the words, sentences and paragraphs that I have published elsewhere:

Review of Still Crazy by Taishi Hirokawa, The Photobook Review, Spring 2012.

Die Metamorphose Japans nach dem krieg, MuseumsJournal, Issue 2, April-June 2012.

A Window Into the World, essay on Masao Mochizuki’s Television 1975-76, Foam magazine #30, Micro, Spring 2011.

Review of A Criminal Investigation by Yukichi Watabe, American Photo, December 2011.

Making the case for captions, Emerging Photographer, Fall 2011.

I have no words for what I saw there, Foam magazine #27, Report, Summer 2011.

You like this, European Photography #89, Spring/Summer 2011.

Eikoh Hosoe’s photographic theatre, Look magazine, May 2011.

In conversation with Hans-Christian Schink, FANTOM magazine #6, January 2011.

Interview with Diane Dufour (Director of LE BAL), Foam magazine #25, Traces, December 2010.

Introduction, Michael Wolf, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Berlin: Peperoni Books, 2010.

Interview with Joan Fontcuberta, exhibition brochure, Foam, November 2010.

Eikoh Hosoe: Le théâtre des corps, Réponses Photo, Hors-Série #11, 2010.

Interview with Toru Nagahama, invisible man / magazine #2, Invisible Cities, Tokyo: G/P Gallery, October 2010.

Series of 15 interviews in Foam magazine #24, Talent Issue, September 2010.

Adrift in the city of superflat, essay on Takashi Homma’s Tokyo and my Daughter for Foam magazine #23, City Life, June 2010.

Introduction, Des photographes, des Japons, exhibition, Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo, April 2010.

Towards a New Street Photography, essay on Michael Wolf’s Paris Street View for Foam magazine #22, Peeping, March 2010.

Eikoh Hosoe’s Photographic Theatre, exh. cat., Studio Equis / JKI, March 2010. Buy it here.

Review of From Back Home by Anders Petersen and JH Engström at lensculture.com, November 2009.

Le voyage au sein de la photographie japonaise (Journeys in Japanese Photography), Lettre de la bibliothèque de la Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris #31, October 2009.

Japan: A Self-Portrait, Photographs 1945-1964, exh. cat., Tokyo: Studio Equis / Crevis, May 2009.

Book review of Hong Kong Reminiscence 1958 by Shigeichi Nagano at lensculture.com, April 2009.

Au delà de l’exotique (Beyond the exotic), VU MAG #2, November 2008.

Interview with Ryuji Miyamoto, VU MAG #2, November 2008.

A la découverte de la photographie japonaise, Images magazine #31, November 2008.

Interview with Hiroh Kikai at lensculture.com, November 2008.

Eyes of an Island, Japanese Photography 1945-2007, London: Studio Equis / Guiding Light, December 2007. Excerpt here. Buy it here.

Japanese postwar photography, Paris: Studio Equis, November 2005. Buy it here.

Japan: A Self-Portrait, Photographs 1945-1964, Paris: Flammarion, September 2004. Buy it here or, if you’re French, here.

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